Where the smell comes from on clothes?

It isn't pleasant having smelly clothes, or having some lingering smell on clothes, even after coming out of the washing machine.  These smells normally originate from invisible bacteria growing back onto your clothes.  The reason for this is line drying inside the house as opposed to using a drier. This is because bacteria loves a humid and dark environment with poor air flow.  So the key to protecting your clothes from unpleasant smells, is to have as little bacteria as possible, on your clothes after washing. 

Even though regular detergents may mask your clothes with fragrances, removing or inhibiting bacteria growth on your clothes is an another story.  Regular detergents are able to remove bacteria during a washing cycle with their chemical power. However, bacteria will come right back during the rinse cycle, where regular tap water, comes in contact with bacteria and mold from moldy pipes and machines, and in turn, back onto your clothes..  

One of the strong features of TerraWash+Mg is it's ability to remove odour components from your clothes and, as shown in our research, is 10 times stronger at doing so than regular detergent.  Magnesium is a natural antibacterial agent and is excellent at removing or inhibiting bacteria, as you can see in the following pictures from the laboratory report.  In addition, even during the rinse cycle, the antibacterial agent, magnesium, is still present throughout the process.  This is the very reason for Terra Wash+Mg's power in removing smells from your clothes.