Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will TerraWash+Mg remove dirt? - Yes, the test results show that TerraWash+Mg is as effective as detergent in decomposing sebum and dirt.

2. Is TerraWash+Mg 100% natural? - Yes, TerraWash+Mg does not contain any synthetic chemicals. 

3. Can people with sensitive skin or skin disorders use TerraWash+Mg? - Yes, they can. TerraWash+Mg is 100% free of toxic and synthetic chemicals and is perfect for people with sensitive skin or skin disorders.  

4. Will TerraWash+Mg remove odour? - Yes, the test results show that TerraWash+Mg is about 10 times stronger in removing odour components than regular detergent.
5. How does laundry smell after washing with TerraWash+Mg?
TerraWash+Mg does not contain any fragrance agents, so your laundry will be fragrance free, fresh and clean.
6. Does TerraWash+Mg need a rinse cycle?  No, since TerraWash+Mg does not create any suds (bubbles) and does not leave any chemical or soap residues, you do not have to use the rinse cycle and so save water.
7. Can TerraWash+Mg be used in drying cycle? - Leaving TerraWash + Mg inside a machine during the drying cycle will not cause any problems or affect the cleaning properties. However, we do recommend removing Terra Wash+Mg before using the drying cycle so as to prevent any excessive wear, tear and damage to the the nylon bag.
8. If I accidentally forget to remove TerraWash+Mg before drying cycle, will it affect cleaning property or damage the product? - No, it will not affect TerraWash+Mg ‘s cleaning properties and it will not damage the product. However, leaving TerraWash+Mg inside a washing machine during the drying cycle may cause excessive wear to the nylon bag, so we do recommend removing TerraWash+Mg before using the drying cycle.

9. I often forget to take out TerraWash+Mg and leave it in a washing machine all day or overnight. Will it damage a laundry machine or affect TerraWash+Mg’s cleaning properties? - No, it will not damage your laundry machine. However, leaving TerraWash+Mg in wet place, like in a washing machine, for long hours when not in use, may facilitate unnecessary oxidation, which may shorten the product life cycle and lower product performance, so make sure to air dry every time.

10. Can I use TerraWash+Mg only three times a day or can it be used consecutively? -  Yes, you can and you can use TerraWash+Mg consecutively. The effects are the same, even if you use TerraWash+Mg more than three times a day or consecutively.

11. Can I use bleach with TerraWash+Mg? - Yes, you can. However, DO NOT USE chlorine-based bleach. An Oxygen-type bleach, such as Sodium Percarbonate, works well with Terra Wash+Mg.

13. Can I use softener with TerraWash+Mg? - Yes, you can. However, no need to because of TerraWash+Mg’s strong power to remove odours.

14. Can TerraWash+Mg be used in hot/cold water? - Yes, it can be used in both hot and cold water. However cold water is surely better for the environment.

15. Can TerraWash+Mg be used in hard/soft water?- Yes, it works effectively in both hard and soft water.

16. Can I use TerraWash+Mg in HE, front-loading or top-loading washing machines? - Yes, you can. It works in all these types of washing machines.

17. Will TerraWash+Mg damage the drum or sensors in HE washing machines? - No, it will not. TerraWash+Mg withstands high-speed spin cycles and it is safe to use in HE washing machines.

18. Will water used in the washing cycle with TerraWash+Mg affect septic systems? - No, it will not. TerraWash+Mg leaves zero trace of chemicals and no suds or soap residues. The water used in the washing cycle with TerraWash+Mg is fine for septic systems. In addition, we recommend using the water in the washing cycle with TerraWash+Mg for gardening, because the magnesium in the used water helps grow healthier plants.

19. How long it takes for TerraWash+Mg to raise pH level of water to around 10.5? - About 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the amount of water used in the washing machine. Less water leads to a faster rise in the PH level.

20. Will the water’s PH level decline as TerraWash+Mg is used? - No, there is practically no change in the PH level.

21. Will TerraWash+Mg remove stubborn stains or whiten clothes? - No. Because TerraWash+Mg does not contain any chemical bleach or brightening agents, unlike regular detergent, for tough stains, it is recommended to do a partial wash or apply stain remover to the stained areas before washing, especially for white clothing. Alternatively, use Sodium Percarbonate together with Terra Wash+Mg, which can compensate for whitening & strong stain removal power. Sodium Percarbonate is an economical & Eco-friendly solution which is used as main ingredient for many Eco-friendly bleaches and can be found on most online stores, such as Amazon.

22. Can TerraWash+Mg be used in hand washing? - Yes TerraWash+Mg can be used for your handing washing.  Soak TerraWash+Mg in water with your laundry for 20 to 30 minutes.  To achieve TerraWash+Mg's full cleaning potential, hydrogen bubbles need to be created and this is achieved by rubbing and agitating your TerraWash+Mg bag with your clothes.